SORB (A) In Combat: The Forward Operating Detachment in Afghanistan

There is a folded flag at U.S. Army Recruiting Command Headquarters that once flew over the Special Operations Recruiting Center in Camp Montrond, Afghanistan. The flag has a unique story to tell. It tells the story of the recruiters of Forward Operating Detachment-Afghanistan (FOD-A). From 2009 to 2014, the recruiters of the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion (Airborne), or SORB(A) engaged directly with forward deployed Soldiers throughout Afghanistan.

The recruiting team, comprised of Special Forces, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations recruiters from the SORB (A), also included Warrant Officer and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Recruiters. The team focused on communicating with Soldiers in a combat zone who were interested in pursuing a career in ARSOF, Warrant Officer, and EOD when they returned home from deployment.

It’s rare for recruiters to have an opportunity to engage Soldiers in a combat zone. Yet, at the time, there was an important gap that needed to be filled. Deployed Soldiers who were interested in Special Operations, Warrant Officer, and EOD had significantly degraded means of accessing information or speaking with a subject matter experts about the career opportunities available to them. The SORB(A) Recruiter and the future candidate both shared the same interest in serving in a more dynamic and uniquely challenging capacity. Embedding into the combat environment alongside these Soldiers also provided the SORB(A) recruiter a very unique opportunity.

All FOD-A recruiting operations – decisive, shaping, and sustaining – were planned and executed continuously throughout the International Security Assistance Forces area of responsibility. Targeted recruiting campaigns in-theater took place at various stages in the Army Forces Generation cycle allowing FOD-A to engage the deployed Soldiers face-to-face.

From 2010-2012, the Recruiters of FOD-A gathered nearly 1,800 ARSOF, Warrant Officer and EOD leads and sent them back to the SORB(A) recruiting centers for action upon the Soldier’s redeployment. The SORB(A) recruiters who served at FOD-A shaped the future of ARSOF, Warrant and EOD units at home, abroad, and in combat.

When the center closed in 2014, the recruiters of FOD-A re- turned home. The folded flag came with them. The SORB (A) presented the folded flag to Major General Allen Batschelet at the annual 2014 Army 10-Miler in Washington D.C. It is now a memory of the time the FOD-A recruiters spent in combat.

Recruiters at FOD-A

  • SFC Villeneuve Mar 10 - Aug 10
  • SFC Paul Deihl Mar 10 - Apr 10
  • SFC Joe Lamberty Sep 10 - Feb 11
  • SFC John Ranger Mar 12- Jun 12
  • SFC Marcus Daniels Jun 12 - Nov 12
  • SFC Joseph Thibeault Dec 12 - Sept 13
  • SFC Hughes Jan 14 - Mar 14
  • SFC Christopher Lucero Apr 14 - Sept 14
  • SFC Patrick Moore July 13 - DEC 13
  • SFC Anthony Leavitt Mar 10 - Apr 10
  • SFC Wright May - 10 Aug 10
  • SFC Dalton Sep 12 - Nov 12
  • SFC Glen Millett Dec 12 - Mar 13
  • SFC Roger Pierson Mar 13 - Jun 13
  • SFC Carter July 13 - Jan 14
  • SFC Kevin Garrad Jul 14 - Sept 14
  • MSG Trevor Proefrock July 13 - Sept 13
  • SFC Joshua Clark July 13 - Sept 13
  • MSG Henry Taylor July 13 - Sept 13
  • SFC Trenica Gbani July 13 - Sept 13
  • SFC James Alston July 13 - Sept 13
  • SGT Giovanna Kiani July 13 - Sept 13