SF Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

  • Open to all Soldiers
  • U.S. Citizen
  • 107 CO score or 107 GT score
  • Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA): Minimum 49 Push Ups, 59 Sit Ups, 15:12 2-Mile, 6 Pull Ups
  • Must be able to meet medical fitness standards as outlined in AR 40-501.
  • Must be eligible for a "SECRET" security clearance (security clearance is not required to attend SFAS).
  • Must be airborne qualified or volunteer for airborne school
  • No Soldier, regardless of Military Occupational Specialty or basic branch will be recruited if he is unable to reclassify from his current MOS or basic branch into CMF 18.

All applicants must not

  • Be barred to reenlistment or be under suspension of favorable personnel action.
  • Have been convicted by court-martial or have disciplinary action noted in their official military personnel file. This provision can only be waived by the Commanding General, United States Army Special Warfare Center and School on a case-by-case basis.
  • Have been terminated from SF, Ranger, or airborne duty, unless termination was due to extreme family problems.
  • Have 30 days or more lost time under USC 972 within current or preceding enlistment.
Enlisted Qualifications
  • Enlisted applicants must be in the pay grade of E-3 to E-6 or E7s with no more than 12 years TIS and 9 months TIG. Successful completion of SFAS is a prerequisite to the SFQC.
  • Must be a high school graduate (waiverable).
  • Stabilization of current drill sergeants and detailed recruiters will not be broken.
  • Specialists, Corporals, and Sergeants who successfully complete SFAS will normally have their Retention Control Point waived to attend the SFQC. Upon successful completion of SFQC, they will be allowed continued service. Staff Sergeants approaching their RCP will not be allowed to apply. Each Sergeant First Class (SFC) must have no more than 12 years time in service (waiverable) and nine months time in grade when applying for SFAS. SFCs must also be able to PCS to the SFQC within six months of selection from SFAS.
  • Soldiers on assignment will not be allowed to attend SFAS without their branch’s prior approval. Soldiers on orders to a short tour area will be allowed to attend SFAS if a deferment is not required. These individuals will be scheduled for the next available SFQC after their DEROS. Soldiers who volunteer for SFAS prior to receiving assignment notification will be deferred to allow SFAS attendance. For SFAS graduates, assignment to the SFQC will take precedence over any assignment conflict.
  • OCONUS-based Soldiers may attend SFAS in a TDY and return status anytime during their tour. Upon successful completion of SFAS, Soldiers will be scheduled for the next available SFQC provided they have completed at least two-thirds of their overseas assignment obligation and have received HRC approval for curtailment of the remainder of their overseas tour obligation. Soldiers serving on a short tour will not have their assignment curtailed.
  • CONUS-based Soldiers may attend SFAS in a TDY and return status anytime during their tour. Upon successful completion of SFAS, Soldiers will be scheduled to attend the SFQC ensuring that they will have completed at least one-year time on station prior to PCS.
  • Must have a minimum of 36 months remaining Time in Service (TIS) upon completion of the SFQC.

Officer Qualifications

Only YG15 packets are currently being accepted (reference MILPER 18-119 in sidebar)

  • All Officers may apply.
  • SFAS Physical. Original DD form 2808 (report of medical examination) and DD form 2807-1 (report of medical history) with all supporting documentation.
  • All applicants are required to to score minimum of 49 Push Ups, 59 Sit Ups, run a 15:12 2-mile, and 6 Pull-ups on the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

MILPER Message 18-119 states the following conditions as non-waiverable, automatic disqualifiers for SFAS and SFQC:
A domestic violence conviction or a pending criminal indictment or information associated with a domestic violence indictment The illegal use of a controlled substance while serving on active duty

Documentation. You can find all of the documentation necessary to be considered for selection by the ARSOF Board at the link below.

Applications. All applications must be in PDF format and completed IAW MILPER 18-119. Completed applications should be forwarded to the recruiting station responsible for servicing your designated area.