PSYOP Training

The PSYOP Qualification course is anywhere from 42 weeks long (not including Airborne or early reports for NCOES). The PSYOP Qualification course is all completed at Ft. Bragg, NC and is a PCS move.

The course consists of:

The language you learn will be based off of your DLAB score. A score of 85-100 is considered a CAT I/II language. A score of 101 and above falls in CAT III/IV languages.

CAT I & II - (Spanish, French, Indonesian)
CAT III & IV - (Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Russian, Persian, Farsi, Korean and Thai)

Officers will first attend PSYOP Assessment and Selection, a 10 day TDY and return course, at the first available opportunity. Officers who successfully complete POAS will PCS to a designated CCC and TDY courses as required (Airborne, SERE-C), followed by a PCS to Ft. Bragg, NC to attend the PSYOP Qualification course.