U.S. Army
Special Operations


**Please return the requested forms to your recruiter**

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Packet Documents

USASOC Form 1181

SF Physical Checklist

SERE Physical Checklist

Laser Eye Surgery Waiver Request

PRK/ICL Eye Surgery Memo

ARSOF Volunteer Statement (Enlisted)

ARSOF Volunteer Statement (Officer)

SORB(A) Form 1182 USAJFKSWCS Waiver

SORB(A) Form 1182 USAJFKSWCS Waiver Instructions

Miscellaneous Documents

Special Forces

SFAS Packing List

6 Week Prep

6 Week Strength Training

10 Week Prep

10 Week Strength Training

14 Week Prep

14 Week Strength Training

160th SOAR

ATRRS Course Information

SOAR Train-up Plan

Gate 4 to Kalsu Reception and R&I Platoon Strip Map

Psychological Operations

POAS Train-up Plan

POAS Packing List

Civil Affairs

Civil Affairs Train-up Plan

CAAS Packing List