U.S. Army
Special Operations


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Packet Documents

USASOC Identity Management

USASOC Form 1181

SF Physical Checklist

SERE Physical Checklist

Laser Eye Surgery Waiver Request

PRK/ICL Eye Surgery Memo

ARSOF Volunteer Statement (Enlisted)

ARSOF Volunteer Statement (Officer)

SORB(A) Form 1182 USAJFKSWCS Waiver

SORB(A) Form 1182 USAJFKSWCS Waiver Instructions

Miscellaneous Documents

Special Forces

SFAS PT Handbook

SFAS Packing List

160th SOAR

ATRRS Course Information

SOAR Train-up Plan

Gate 4 to Kalsu Reception and R&I Platoon Strip Map

Psychological Operations

POAS Train-up Plan

POAS Packing List

Civil Affairs

Civil Affairs Train-up Plan

CAAS Packing List

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOD Letter of Intent


EOD Waiver Example

EOD Letter of Acceptability Example

EOD Interview Checklist

EOD Volunteer Statement Example