Contact Information

Special Forces (SF):  (808) 655-9371
Civil Affairs (CA): (808) 655-5809
Psychological Operations (PO):  (808) 655-9361
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR): (808) 655-9354
NCOIC/ Processor: (808) 655-5809

Briefing Schedule

Civil Affairs
1200  Monday

1200  Tuesday

Special Forces
1200  Wednesday

160th SOAR (A)
1200 Thursday

All briefings are held at the ARSOF Career Center.  1612 Foote Ave. Bldg. 648 (see Google maps below)."  Unit briefings will be conducted periodically in your Unit area.  Keep an Eye out briefing times/ locations.”

Links and Information

  • If you would like to apply to the Special Forces "Green Berets", submit a copy of your ERB and current APFT card with Pull-ups to the following email:  usarmy.knox.usarec.list.9sbn-sf-hawaii@mail.mil.   Our team will contact you shortly for further instructions.
  • If you would like to participate in the Hawaii PT Prep, you must have a valid PT release memo signed by your 1SG or Commander and be scheduled to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS).  You can request a PT release memo through the Hawaii ARSOF Career Center
  • Special Forces requires mature, Level-Headed individuals.  Your decision to join the ranks of the Green Berets should not be taken lightly.  Qualified applicants are given the opportunity to serve among the best.  If you have the intestinal fortitude to join the ranks of the elite, your first test begins with your application.