CA Training

Civil Affairs Training Overview

Officers selected at the ARSOF Panel will attend CA Assessment and Selection (CAAS) which is a 10 day TDY and Return course at Fort Bragg, NC. Officers selected at CAAS will PCS to the ARSOF CCC (12 weeks) at Fort Bragg, NC with Airborne School en route (as required). After successful completion of ARSOF CCC, Officers will attend the next available Civil Affairs Pathway (Qualification Course).

NCOs selected at Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection will attend Airborne School prior to their PCS to Fort Bragg, NC. If required, NCOs will attend ARSOF BLC (3 weeks) prior to attendance at the Civil Affairs Pathway (Qualification Course). Those who opt in for the Special Operations Combat Medic (SOCM) Course will be offered the option to attend prior to CA Pathways.

Civil Affairs Pathways consists of multiple phases over 43 weeks of training (not including Airborne or early reports for CCC or NCOES).
All phases are conducted at Ft. Bragg, NC.

3 weeks - Intro to CA
25 weeks - SOF Language Training
4 weeks - Regional Training
8 weeks - CA Core Curriculum (Officers in CA Team Leader Pathway; NCOs in CA Specialist Pathway)
3 weeks - CULEX

The language you learn will be based off of your DLAB score and operational requirements.

CAT I: (DLAB 65-89) Spanish, French, Portuguese
CAT II: (DLAB 90-94) Indonesian
CAT III: (DLAB 95-99) Tagalog, Thai, Russian, Persian Farsi
CATIV: (DLAB 100 +) Korean, Levantine, Arabic, Chinese, Egyptian.