CA Qualifications

Officer Qualifications

Eligibility. We are now accepting ARSOF applications for YG15. DOR to 1LT must be between 1 APR 16 - 31 MAR 17.

  • Only YG15 packets are currently being accepted (reference MILPER 18-119 in sidebar under MILPER Messages)
  • Male and Female Officers may apply.
  • SERE-C Physical. Original DD form 2808 (report of medical examination) and DD form 2807-1 (report of medical history), EKG and all other supporting documentation
  • All applicants are required to score a minimum of 240 with no less than 60 in an event, graded in the age group of applicant.

Documentation. You can find all of the documentation necessary to be considered for selection by clicking the "Packet Examples" link to the right.

Applications. All applications must be in PDF format and completed IAW MILPER 18-119 (available under MILPER Messages link in sidebar). Completed applications should be forwarded to the recruiting station responsible for servicing your designated area.

Enlisted Qualifications

  • Volunteer and Commitment Statement
  • Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)
  • GT Score 107+
  • BLC (waiverable)
  • RANK E4 - E5
  • DLAB 65+
  • Applicants must pass a SERE-C physical.
  • PULHES 111221 or better
  • Must be eligible for a "SECRET" security clearance (security clearance is not required to attend).
  • 240 APFT minimum
  • Male and Female Soldiers Are Eligible To Apply

TIS/TIG Requirements
SPC in less than 1 year TIS and no more than 4 years TIS and 3 years TIG
SGT no less than 2 years TIS and no more than 6 years TIS and 3 years TIG

CMF 38B (Civil Affairs) Reclassification Packet Instructions

The purpose of this information is to assist you in preparing an application packet for consideration to reclass your current MOS to CMF 38B Civil Affairs Specialist. Our objective is to find the best Soldiers that meet the qualifications and afford them the opportunity to be assessed and selected for Civil Affairs. Please complete all required documents for your packet and any additional enclosures that you may find relevant to your packet.

When sending your packet via email, fax or in person use the below listed items as a guideline. Once packets are received, they are reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Incomplete packets will not be accepted. You will be placed on TDY orders to attend the CA Selection and Assessment, a 10 day course. If selected, the CMF Advisor/ Assignment Manager will process you for reclassification and put you on assignment instructions.

Finally, the CMF Advisor/ Assignment Manager will process you for reclassification and put you on assignment instructions.