Officer Candidates

When do I attend Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection (CAAS)?

Once Officer packets are approved for Civil Affairs, candidates will receive an email from the HRC CA Accessions Officer. You will have an opportunity to request selection dates on your application and once your class date is confirmed by HRC, you will receive an ATRRS reservation and additional information (packing lists, reporting and DTS instructions). CAAS is TDY and Return and you will receive a Cross Org Line of Accounting to fund your travel.

When does my branch change?

Prior to notification on your packet approval, your control branch will be changed to Civil Affairs. While you are control branch Civil Affairs, your basic branch will not put you on RFO. If selected at CAAS, you next PCS will be to attend the ARSOF CCC at Fort Bragg. Your Basic Branch will not change to Civil Affairs (38A) until you graduate the qualification course.

Can I delay entry into the Qualification Course?

Once you are selected at CAAS, you will be in contact the CA Accessions Officer at HRC to discuss your timeline. Factors impacting your timeline include course availability (including Airborne), DEROS (as applicable), unit requirements, and personal considerations. In general, you should expect to PCS to Fort Bragg within 6 months after selection.

What will my job be upon graduation from the qualification course?

Upon graduation, Civil Affairs Qualified Officers will be assigned to a Civil Affairs Battalion. Most Officers first assignment will be a Civil Affairs Team Leader and deploy worldwide working closely with other SOF, interagency, and foreign entities.

Who can I go for more information?

Your SORB recruiter will be your main POC through the Panel process. If you have additional questions, please visit the Civil Affairs page on the HRC Website ( Officer Home) and contact the CA Accessions Officer.

Enlisted Candidates

How do I change my MOS to Civil Affairs?

Contact your local SORB recruiter to complete your packet. If your packet is complete and approved, you will attend Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection.

How long is selection?

Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection is a 10 day TDY and Return and takes place at Fort Bragg, NC.

How soon after selection will I PCS?

The way your class dates are selected for CAQC and SOCM (if applicable), is based off, (1) Time on Station (2) Airborne (3) slots/seats availability (4) your DEROS (if applicable) (5) Tentative Deployment and your wishes to deploy or not. Everyone will be scheduled for the first available class based off the above said criteria. After selection, a representative from HRC will be in contact with you to discuss your timeline for reassignment