3 Reasons To Go Special Operations

Are you at a crossroad in your Army career? Maybe, you are looking for a unit where a greater sense of professionalism thrives. Perhaps, you’re feeling your current MOS doesn’t provide the training and opportunities for promotion you’d hoped it would. Possibly, it’s the constant deployment cycle that’s wearing on you and your family. You know it’s time for a change. What’s next? Where do you go from here?

Army Special Operations has many career opportunities that provide more professional and adaptable working environments, advanced training opportunities, and more stability in your family life.

Army Special Operations encompass a wide variety of MOSs and careers. Whether you choose Special Forces (SF), Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, or the 160th SOAR (A), you will become part of a unit that thrives on high levels of professionalism. Special Operations Forces (SOF) require Soldiers who take pride every day in being the best they can at what they do. They are experts in their fields. SOF units adapt to a variety of environments and cultures in order to accomplish their missions. These units also receive a great amount of autonomy as individuals and teams to assess problems and solve them. In addition, SOF units are trained to understand and empathize with the areas and people they work with to achieve success. These highly capable and professional Soldiers are the best in the Army.

Opportunities for Advanced Training
From the moment a SOF Soldier is selected, they receive the most advanced training in the Army. These Soldiers are tough both physically and mentally. SF Soldiers receive priority when it comes to attending advanced training like Sniper School, HALO/HAHO, SCUBA School, and more. The audacity of the SOF Soldier enables them to make choices to pursue advanced military and civilian training opportunities.

Greater Stability for the Family
The SOF Soldier and their family have greater stability in their home lives. While the SOF Soldier does deploy more often than regular Army units, the deployments are shorter and are scheduled well in advance so it’s easier to plan around them. When at home and not in training, the SOF Soldier often has a more flexible work schedule and can spend more time with family. SOF Soldiers also move around less than regular Army units. Soldiers in most Army units change assignments every 2-3 years. Typically, once assigned to a unit or group, the SOF Soldier will stay with their unit for most of their career giving the family more stability. They will do a broadening assignment like Recruiting or Drill Sergeant, then return to their home unit.
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